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Hello, for the moment, is kind of parked, waiting for a new purpose in the future. There are two main reasons: I have relocated to the Philippines and the old website was very much outdated. Therefore, it has been (re-)moved.

As you already might have noticed, there is an RSS feed on the right side on this page. It is of a site that I often visit to listen to there powerful contribution of issues mostly around health. Patrick Timpone and his website have huge library of podcasts and articles related to alternative health issues.

I integrated this feed here for all those visitors that still visit so that they have a chance to get new infos from Patrick's RSS feed on the latest that is available there each time they call up this domain.

In the background, I am building a new info website that will be again dedicated to alternative health information that might be new to many, at least informative I hope.

As soon as the new site will be open, I will announce and link it here.

Thank you kindly for your visit here.

Warm Regards and best wishes,

André Gauer

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