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Welcome! I am pleased to meet you here and hope that you can benefit from the content and services, presented here at!

How you can reach better health and more well-being with the aid of alternative medicine.

You already know how? Well, then! Either way, here on you still might find a new article, video link or book tip.

Are you feeling well but still would like to optimize your healthiness? Or: Do you suffer on an ailment that you carry on for quite a while and that did not vanish, conventionally treated?

Are you seriously interested in such and similar thoughts about your health? If yes, it surely might be worthwhile for you to read on, here, and watch some of the embedded videos.

For example, this video by the computer company Apple that might be in line with the health info presented here and those interested in these matters. At least as viewed by some people:

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Video Title: Think Different - Play Time: 0.59 min.

I am aware that there are people who think that it is kind of crazy to support one own' s health alternatively. Yet, my question is: Are you aware that more and more people in the industrial countries are calling for holistic-alternative healing methodologies within the last 15 years? And that people in the more poor countries go for it because the cash for expensive medicine is often not available or for emergencies, only? Rather significant and sensational ...

Here some pearls on alternative health and prevention which you might find only here, in this composition:


Probably the most sensational in modern holistic health treatments: The practice of simultaneous therapy of the physical, emotional, mental and intuitive levels (bodies) of a person. And how this can be implemented with successful elegancy.

Tapping, such as e.g. MFT (Mental Field Therapy) and EFT  (Emotional Freedom Techniques): An easy to learn and easy to apply technique, without needles which efficiency if very often amazing.

Psychosomatic Energetics can help to clear away energy-restraining, often unconscious, blockades in the energy flow of your body to provide you with more energy and power.

Another "tool", from Russian cosmonautics, Scenar., that helps you and your body to heal itself by working on your so-called electrical body. 50000 documented cases on pain management, strengthening your immune system etc.

Why it is important to have the bed placed on a healthy spot and how do I know if I sleep on an area with no geopathic stress?

New scientific findings in biology and quantum physics linked to your health, so far not too much well-known.

soon various articles, too and more ...

Are you interested in that? If yes, than I am pleased! I am positive that you find valuable and easily adaptive information for your health and for the advancement of your well-being, here.

For your convenience: I embedded some of the info which is only available in German here in English version of as well. Why? Because I know that some of the readers understand German as well and it saves these people from changing to the other language version of this website.

Dr. Mercola, the well-know alternative physician in the American internet, is the producer of the next video. I guess that he did it for promotion alternative medicine. However, some of the figures and facts (of the U.S., but...) might not be easily digestible for everyone. Thank you, Dr. Mercola!

I see this info as a pure stimulation, also to be a self-reliant customer in the matters of health in general. My own opinion is that conventional and alternative medicine should team up much more to the benefit of the patients and the public health!

Oh, maybe another issue at this point:

You ask yourself if holistic alternative health is financially affordable? For a start: Properly approached, the average day costs add up to about 2-4 US$/Swiss Francs, 1.3-3 €uro.

Maybe, the video needles you with some thoughts to the above-mentioned issue, if and whichever is expensive...

Video Title:
Most Astonishing Health Disaster of the 20th Century
Play time: 5.09 minutes

Thank you for your attention. I wish you a lot of fun and personal enrichment, reading here on, website of the alternative health clinic, practice Andre Gauer.

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 With best wishes for a good health,

 André Gauer

P.S. I hope that my English is so far readable and understandable. Since it is not my native language: Should you find any wrong grammar or wrong expression, you are welcome to contact me, Andre Gauer, and let me know. Thank you very much!

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Theory is knowledge that doesn't work. Practice is when everything works and you don't know why.

Hermann Hesse

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